Stand together to Protect the rights of the citizens of the Old Dominion

The citizens of Virginia stand in the face of an onslaught against their civil rights. We the people must be united against this tyranny and look for protection to the statutes and principles our dear state is founded upon. Virginia Constitution, Article 1, Section 13, makes clear the provision we have against this kind of attack.

In order to further unite our actions as the people, Virginia One Thirteen has drafted a resolution that seeks to follow the historical, civil provision for uniting our efforts in the formation of county militias for the defense of liberty for our people.

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Why This Resolution?

By having a county resolve to call for a militia muster of the people, they are offering certain legal guarantees and challenges to unconstitutional laws passed by leftists in Richmond. Private militias are offered no guarantee of legal protection, as a militia must be “under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power”. Our main aim is for the law-abiding citizens of Virginia to have a suit against the state being the Governor has no legal backing to disarm or weaken the Unorganized Militia of Virginia – The People.


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